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"Anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer"
Stephen Beaumont

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Craft Beer Pioneers

We are, first and foremost good beer enthusiasts, so, starting with 2010 we provide one of the most diverse craft beers line-up out of any pub in Romania. We are constantly imporving our beer list, including both the freshes brews to appear locally and established beers amongst beer connoisseurs across the world. All this so you can enjoy a complete experience each time you cross our doorstep.

Our menu includes a generous set of beers which you can always find at the bar - the menu can be seen here - and also a weekly list of draft beers, wich can be seen here. Plus, we will always surprise you with guest beers, that you can see and taste each time you visit one of our locations.

Let's Have a Beer

Even if you are not a craft beer enthusiast, or don't know much about IPAs, porters or belgian ales, we hope you visit at leas once. The Beer o'Clock bartenders are always willing to suggest the best beers, suitable to your taste and also answer any questions you have regarding different types of beers and the differences between them. So, grab your friends and come enjoy a fresh, quality beer in our pub. Cheers!

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